A freelance journalist and photographer born in Rome in 1964 currently living in Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany.

He has traveled through many countries and continents following the philosophy of “slow-travel” with a particular interest in local cultures and their expressions as crafts, customs, traditions, and local territorial produce. Equipped with his bike and camera he has toured the likes of Iceland, Alaska, Lapland, Ecuador, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand, Albania, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland and, of course, Italy.

Reminiscing the people and places, unforgettable moments and experiences from his bicycle seat fuels his dream, his passion, his profession. Travel stories and photography are his unique way of communicating.

Walking, cycling, taking time to stop, look, feel, and search for the hidden soul of the places, unpredictable roads and misterious tracks he stumbles upon just for the fun of discovery. Playing with words and capturing brief moments of light. This is his way of life and the essence of his work.

Specialising in outdoor travel, with particular focus on cycling and hiking, has pathed the way to a close working relationship with many publishers and local and regional Government Tourism agencies producing a wide range of editorial write ups, photographic travel guides and detailed itineraries.

After graduating in law Enrico began to work with trade magazines (La Bicicletta, Bici da Montagna, Tutto Mountain Bike) who publised his photos and articles including: reportages, routes and in depth technical analyses . Shortly after, in 1992, he began collaborating with Itinerari & Luoghi, a monthly travel magazine that is still today recognised as a landmark in travel publishing in Italy. At this same stage he also supplied texts and photos for the creation of themed guides issued by the prestigeous Italian Touring Club and other key titles such as Qui Touring and Meridiani, Meridiani Montangne, Tuttoturismo. Enrico also collaborates for the German pubblication Adesso since 2007.

The experience gained through his many trips in Europe and around the world helps the reporter to "read" the territory with a keen cyclists’ eye. This opens the way in the year 2000 to partnerships with Local Tourist Offices in the design, implementation and publication of specialised itineraries for those travelling “slow” be it by foot, by bicycle or on horseback. And the journey of discovery continues ...


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