PIZZAIOLI DOC/Franco Pepe e Ciro Parisi

Easy to say pizza, it is quick to make it, but it is not easy to eat a truly good pizza. I’m talking about real neapolitan pizza made in the wood oven so as expected from the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana. My favourite pizzaioli are Franco Pepe and Ciro Parisi. Franco lives and works in Caiazzo, nice village nearby Caserta and Napoli, Ciro lives in Tuscany, few kilometers from my house. Franco pastes by hand and is a true artist of the pizza, a special performer capable of combining tradition with search and innovation. Ciro is authentic “pizzaiuolo naopletano” doc and has the great merit to introduce the true neapolitan pizza faraway from Napoli: it is my great fortune because for a neapolitan who does not live in Naples, can eat every day a true pizza is a real luxury!